Luxury Fireplaces and Outdoor Products


They offer a place to gather with family and friends. It remains the most popular choice for home improvements and adds significantly to the value of any home. Most new fireplaces are no longer traditional brick and mortar, but are engineered and pre-built by major manufacturers.

These factory-built fireplaces have fewer limitations than site-built masonry fireplaces. Because they use a safe, lightweight chimney and do not require any additional footing or other structural support, they can be easily and safely installed in almost any room.

A factory-built fireplace is actually a firebox enclosed within a steel cabinet. A blanket of insulating air keeps the outer wall cool, and spaces surrounding the cabinet allow it to be installed in close proximity to wood framing (hence the name “zero-clearance fireplace”).

Zero-clearance fireplaces are manufactured to burn wood or gas and are available in a range of sizes. They can be open on one, two (“see-through or “L-shaped ), three sides (“peninsula”). Brick, stone, marble and other facing materials can be combined with your choice of mantels to suit your décor.