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Stoves & Inserts

Hearth products add warmth and comfort.They also add ambiance to a living space and because of their prominence in a home, purchasing hearth products should be approached with both décor and functionality in mind.

Early Planning Creates More Options

The enormous variety in hearth products means there are many features and benefits to consider before deciding on the final choice. For example, the question of heat versus décor and ambiance is a good place to start. Other factors that can impact the final decision include the extent of usage, the placement within the home, the maintenance required, design and style preferences, as well as which fuel works best for the users. The answers to these questions can help shorten the list of appropriate hearth products for any given situation.

Easy Hearth Updates

Many hearth products can be installed in an existing room with very little effort. It doesn’t take a major remodeling job to gain the benefit of a fireplace insert or freestanding stove. Whether the plan is to update an existing and outdated wood burning fireplace or add or replace a freestanding stove, there are many different products available to create a convenient, efficient, and beautiful fire.