Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens

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Enjoy these Danver and Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens designs and styles from throughout the United States. Made to order in the USA these powder coated stainless steel cabinets help create the perfect outdoor living space.

Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens stainless steel cabinetry is used to create luxury outdoor kitchens. Our cabinets are powder coated in designer colors and realistic wood grains, allowing architects, builders and the design community the freedom to create premier outdoor living areas.

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Gas Fireplace Inserts – Convenient. Clean. Comfortable.

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It’s hard to deny the allure of a fire – especially our gas fires. Behind gorgeous designer faces and expansive windows, our log sets and patented Ember Fyre™ technology create the illusion of real burning wood. But the hidden beauty here is convenience: a cozy fire at the touch of a button, even when the power’s out; built in thermostats that regulate flame and heat; compatibility with LP and natural gas – your choice. All this comfort and convenience from clean-burning fuel. What’s not to love?

FireplaceX’s gas inserts allow you to enjoy a gorgeous, glowing fire without losing heat out of your chimney. These inserts are designed to transform virtually any masonry or zero clearance (metal) fireplace into an efficient source of heat. Traditional, open fireplaces can have efficiency ratings as low as 15%, and depending on the condition, can actually draw the heat out of your home for a net heat loss. FireplaceX’s heater-rated gas inserts achieve steady state efficiency ratings as high as 85%.


Outdoor Room Design Ideas

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The dream comes first: an outdoor space in which to relax with family, entertain friends and cook meals worthy of a Food Network grilling show. The wish list, likely scribbled on a napkin, is next: a fire pit or fireplace; an outdoor kitchen with built-in grill (or grills!), fridge and storage; a bar for serving cocktails; areas for relaxing and dining; outdoor lighting; maybe a water feature. The aspiration – perhaps over several phases – is finally realized: a vacation-style retreat that can be enjoyed, at home, every day.

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May is National Barbecue Month

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May is National Barbecue Month, marking the official beginning of peak barbecuing season, when the vast majority of North Americans take to their backyards to light up their grills and smokers for delicious weeknight dinners and slow and low weekend feasts.

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How proficient are you at taking part in our favorite patio pastime? Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association (HPBA) this month is launching the “What’s Your Barbecue IQ?” online quiz: Participants who take the quiz will put their barbecue knowledge to the test to automatically discover their true barbecue IQ, while receiving helpful tips to up their barbecue game this season and beyond.

If you’re feeling fired up for barbecuing this National Barbecue Month, you’re not alone. Consider these 10 trends – from the most recent HPBA barbecue lifestyle, usage & attitude study* – about the state of barbecuing today:

1. 75% of U.S. adults own a grill or smoker.

2. 62% of households that own a grill own a gas  grill, followed by charcoal (53%), and electric (12%).

3. Two percent own a wood pellet grill and 8% are thinking of purchasing one this year. The most popular days to barbecue are: Fourth of July (76%), Labor Day (62%), Memorial Day (62%), Father’s Day (49%), Mother’s Day (34%).

4. The top reasons for cooking out? 71% of grill owners say it’s to improve flavor, 54% for personal enjoyment, and 42% for entertaining family and friends.

5. The majority of grill owners (63%) enjoy using their grill or smoker year-round. In fact, 43% cook at least once a month in the winter months.

6. Half of all grill owners have the most basic grilling accessories (cleaning brush, tongs, glove/mitts). The most popular new accessories owners plan to buy include pizza stones, broiling baskets, and cooking planks.

7. Ten percent of all grill owners have a backyard kitchen (featuring premium furniture and lighting).

8. Barbecuing isn’t just an evening activity. 11% of grill owners prepared breakfast on a grill in the past year.

9. Nearly one third of grill owners (31%) grilled someplace other than their homes in the past year, including 24% who grilled while camping.

10. More than one third (45%) of U.S. adults surveyed plan to purchase a new grill or smoker in 2016, while nearly a third (30%) of current owners plan to grill with greater frequency.

Valor HeatShift Technology™

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The Right Heat, In The Right Location

Warming homes since 1890, Valor gas fireplaces are recognized as leaders in advanced heat management. Recognizing homeowner needs and expectations is what separates Valor from the competition. Taking the concept of No Power, No Problem to the next level, Valor introduces a heat management system that redirects fireplace warmth to a higher elevation in the room.


Reduces wall temperatures above fireplace – ideal if placing a wall mounted TV or heat sensitive materials

Run combustible finishing materials right up to the fireplace surround – maximizing installation opportunities

Excess warm air is circulated back into the room at a higher elevation – improving overall performance

Up to 60% of fireplace heat rises and flows through the HeatShift System and back into the room

Heat is elevated naturally using gravity and Valor product ingenuity

No reliance on electricity or a noisy fan operation

Sleek heat outlet or hidden wall valance – providing heat distribution back into the living space

Easily paint the plenums or grilles to match your design style

Upgrade your Fireplace!

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Get an early start in the search for your fireplace upgrade this fall. It promises to be a very busy season with the Bay Area Air Quality Management District grants for wood smoke reduction. See the link here for more information about these rebates.

Don’t miss out on our Labor Day promotion for Fireplace X gas inserts. Get a free standard vent kit and save up to $450. This promotion is extended thru September 10th. Now is the best time to start your fireplace upgrade, avoiding winter weather delays and ensuring timely delivery and easy installation of what will become your favorite household appliance

Clean Spider Webs Out of Your Grill

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Spiders are notorious for nesting inside the burner pipes and hoses on a gas grill, especially during the cooler months. The resulting spider webs can clog the Venturi pipes and openings in the gas lines, resulting in poor operation and ignition problems. Avoid this hazard by checking the pipes and hoses periodically for obvious signs of nesting. Cleaning the equipment takes only a few minutes using common tools. Covering a cooled gas grill when not in use helps deter spiders from exploring the appliance as a potential nesting ground.


Shut off the gas to the grill and wait for the appliance to cool. All control knobs must be turned off on the grill’s front panel.

Unscrew the hose or hoses, depending on the number of burner connections, from the valve on the back of the grill’s control panel using pliers.

Swab the opening on each hose with a pipe cleaner.

Pull the steel Venturi tubes beneath the grill gently off the valve stem controls on the rear of the control panel. The tubes have mesh wire screens in the sides and pull off the valve stems without tools.

Clean the Venturi tubes with pipe cleaners, dragging out any cobwebs or nesting material.

Blast compressed air into the tubes and the end of each hose to dislodge any remaining material. Swab all parts once more with fresh pipe cleaners.

Slide the Venturi tubes back on the valve stems and reattach the gas hoses to the grill using pliers.

On Fire Celebrates 50 Years in Business!

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On Fire is celebrating its 50th anniversary in business this year. It was established in 1966 by Jule and Mary McMullen. The family business started as a fireplace accessories and home decorating center with paint and wallpaper. Back then it was known as The Hearth and Color Shop in St. Frances Shopping Center on Highway 12 in Rincon Valley.

As Sonoma County started to grow, their daughter, Eleanor Butchart took the helm in 1980. Now located on Cleveland Avenue On Fire in Santa Rosa, has evolved into a fireplace and outdoor heating specialty store while maintaining the decorating element of good design and aesthetics so admired by customers. The On Fire team has proudly facilitated many projects for custom homes, hotels and inns, restaurants and wineries. The store is beautifully appointed with the latest fireplace products from top-tier manufacturers who know the art of fire and how it can transform your living space with not only warmth but beauty as well.

On Fire has a staff of hearth professionals that have been with On Fire for up to 24 years.  Their friendly and knowledgeable sales experience is offered to each and every customer.  They will guide you through the process of selecting your product, arranging for installation and assuring your ultimate satisfaction.   And the On Fire team loves to hear the outcome of your projects. After working thru the planning process, they like to hear how great a custom fire pit turned out, or how much someone enjoys their gas fireplace insert, or new fireplace mantel.

On Fire is a year-round source for heat and comfort –indoors and outdoors to create that special outdoor living space.  With a carefully selected array of outdoor kitchens by Brown Jordan and Danver, barbeque grills, outdoor furniture, outdoor heating products, and the ever-popular backyard fire pit, you will find many reasons to visit On Fire throughout the seasons.  If you have never been in before, stop in and just get acquainted with all that On Fire has to offer as they celebrate 50 years of lighting a better fire for you!