Outdoor Covered Kitchen Ideas: California and Florida Rooms

Outdoor kitchen covers are beneficial for protecting your investment, providing shelter, and reducing maintenance of your kitchen. A cover also makes your outdoor kitchen more usable during inclement weather. Some covers are easily removable, while others are permanent structures.

While all types of covers can offer benefits, permanent structures add to the overall value and appeal of your home. For example, California and Florida Rooms are popular because they add livable real estate to your property. They are also beneficial for outdoor cooking and entertainment by shielding your grilling station, outdoor bar, and food prep area.

Covers can easily enhance your outdoor kitchen design while protecting your cooking area and entertainment space. With Brown Jordan® Outdoor Kitchens™, you have the freedom to include any type of covering. In this article, we discuss some of the most coveted backyard covered outdoor kitchen ideas: California Rooms and Florida Rooms.

Benefits of Covers for Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchen covers are available in a variety of forms, such as gazebos, pergolas, and umbrellas. These covers provide varying degrees of protection for your outdoor space. Covering your kitchen can also help to reduce your kitchen’s maintenance and will protect your investment. They allow you to enjoy the advantages of being outside, such as fresh air and sunlight.

Residences that have permanent covers offer the most protection, while still providing the benefits of being outdoors. Some of the most popular examples of these types of covers are California Rooms and Florida Rooms.

California Rooms vs. Florida Rooms

California Rooms and Florida Rooms are two types of permanent enclosures for outdoor living spaces. They are constructed on the side or back of a residence. They include a roof with screens, glass, or are fully open on up to three sides. They are popular for building an outdoor kitchen in your backyard and other outdoor amenities.

A Florida Room has less open air exposure than a California Room. Considering factors like humidity, wildlife, and inclement weather, Florida Rooms can include full screening or full glass to provide additional protection. They are more akin to enclosed sunrooms with the same ceiling height as your indoor space.

On the other hand, California Rooms act as a seamless extension of your indoor living space. They have a luxurious design and essentially function as covered patios. They often have high or vaulted ceilings and are fully open to the outdoors on one or more sides. California Rooms are truly transitional spaces that provide the benefits of being outside with the comforts and conveniences of indoors.

Both Florida Rooms and California Rooms are attractive and functional additions to your backyard spaces. They can house a variety of features while protecting your outdoor kitchen area from the sun and other elements.

Some of the most common features include outdoor kitchens and bars, fireplaces, and seating. Adding these amenities to your California or Florida Room put them only steps away from indoors. This convenience makes these spaces ideal for unwinding, relaxing, and entertaining outdoors.

Why Choose Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens for Your California or Florida Room?

If you are seeking outdoor covered kitchen ideas, choosing Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens for your outdoor kitchen is a wise investment. Our best-in-class stainless steel cabinetry is suitable for virtually every climate. We offer both 304 and 316 (marine) grades of stainless steel for exceptional durability outdoors.

We offer over 50 powder coat finishes – the most in the industry. Powder coat enhances the appearance of your outdoor kitchen and reduces maintenance requirements. In fact, our powder coats only require regular upkeep with mild soap and water to keep the finish looking new.

Unlike cabinets made from other materials, our outdoor kitchens do not require a covering to remain durable. However, a cover will reduce maintenance of your kitchen and provide protection from the sun, unexpected weather, and pests.

Since our inception, we have remained dedicated to engineering outdoor cabinetry that mirrors the beauty and function of indoor kitchen cabinets. To that end, we manufacture our cabinetry in hundreds of sizes and dozens of cabinetry styles (base, wall, grill, and more). This wide selection allows you to configure your cabinetry in nearly any layout.

We offer features like self-close/soft-close technology, crafted door styles, and a finished look on all sides. We make every project to order in our Connecticut factory with the attention to detail that our customers expect. The features that we offer set us apart from other brands and make us the top choice for design professionals.

Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens is known for luxury and elegance, perfect for a classy California or Florida Room. A California Room or Florida Room is ideal for housing outdoor amenities while offering protection and a space to relax. Adding an outdoor kitchen adds value and convenience to your space, allowing you to cook and entertain outdoors all year round.