Stoll Industries Outdoor Kitchens

If you enjoy spending time relaxing outdoors with friends and family, you probably already know that outdoor kitchens have gained significant popularity in recent years. Providing homeowners with the perfect opportunity to embrace the pleasures of outdoor living, the perfect outdoor kitchen design can be a year-round haven for culinary enthusiasts and those who enjoy outdoor entertaining.

But even if your outdoor kitchen is something you only use during the summer months, its design is something you’ll still need to plan carefully. Just like a standard indoor kitchen, for your open-air kitchen to be functional and enjoyable, the design needs to take your unique needs and personal preferences into account.

Sound like more work than you’d hoped? Don’t worry, our team of experts is here to help ensure you get your outdoor kitchen design right the first time.

Just follow our tips and wait for the outdoor kitchen ideas to start flowing!


1. Optimize the space in your outdoor kitchen design

Not everyone has the luxury of an expansive backyard to pick and choose where they place their outdoor kitchen. This is why your first step should always be to evaluate the space you’re working with and go from there.

Once you’ve identified an area you think might work, we recommend:

Researching the ‘kitchen work triangle’ layout

Just like with an indoor kitchen layout, the kitchen triangle can be a great starting point when designing your outdoor kitchen space. While in a standard kitchen, people often place their sink, stove, and refrigerator in a layout that resembles a triangle —  the same sentiment can be applied to your outdoor kitchen.

The kitchen work triangle is all about ensuring your kitchen’s layout makes sense in terms of workflow. To adapt this layout to meet your outdoor needs, we suggest arranging your sink (or outdoor water source), outdoor cooking appliance/BBQ, and food storage or prep area accordingly.


Prioritizing what’s most important to you

Nobody likes wasted space.. but it’s also important not to let your outdoor kitchen feel crowded. It can be tempting to cram as much as possible into one single space, especially if you live in a residential area with a small backyard.

To avoid this, we recommend prioritizing areas you think will be most relevant to you and ensuring you let those spaces have their moment.

For example, some homeowners might prefer to do their food prep indoors — freeing up space for a larger plating area, outdoor bar, or even an additional grill. On the other hand, some hosts will want to prioritize the outdoor cooking experience for their guests, and as a result, might be willing to sacrifice storage space or lavish features to maximize prep space.


Stoll Industries can help you find your perfect outdoor kitchen design

With some proper planning and careful attention to detail, your outdoor kitchen has the potential to become the perfect place to create memories with family and loved ones, while also getting some great meals out of it in the process!

To kick-start your design vision and get more from whatever backyard your house is working with, why not take a look at some of the outdoor kitchen options we have for your home?

Let On Fire Santa Rosa’s Outdoor Kitchen experts help you design an amazing outdoor entertainment space.