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Proposed Wood Smoke Rule Amendments

bssqmd-logoThe Air District is seeking to adopt regulatory amendments to Regulation 6, Rule 3 to further reduce fine particulate emissions from wood burning. Written comments on the proposed rule amendments must be received by 9:00 am on Monday, October 19, 2015. A public hearing to adopt these proposed amendments is scheduled for Wednesday, October 21, 2015.

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The proposed rule amendments

Restrict  availability  of  the  “sole  source  of  heat”  exemption  by  requiring  that residences seeking to use the exemption to replace or upgrade any existing non certified  wood burning  device  or  fireplace  to  an  EPA certified  wood burning device, and register that EPA certified device with the Air District.

Provide a temporary exemption for non functional, permanently installed heaters.

Provide an exemption for loss of natural gas and/or electric power.

Update restrictions on the sale or resale of wood burning devices to require EPA certified cleaner burning technology.

Require  a proactive  and informative disclosure  describing the  negative  health impacts of PM 2.5 when selling, leasing, or renting properties with a wood burning device.

Require rental  properties  in  natural  gas  service  areas  to  have  a  permanently installed form of heat that does not burn solid fuel.

Limit installations in new building construction to only non wood burning devices.

Require the  replacement  of  an existing uncertified wood burning  device  with  a clean  burning  device  if  a  fireplace  or  chimney  remodel  exceeds  $15,000  and requires a building permit.

Further restrict visible emissions from wood burning devices to be consistent with other  sources  of  visible  emissions  addressed  by  Regulation  6,  Rule  1:  General Requirements.