Simple Outdoor Kitchen Ideas: Designs and Considerations

More people are choosing outdoor kitchens for their luxurious and practical benefits as they remodel their outdoor living spaces. While the interest is there, not everyone has the space, budget, or desire for complicated designs.

A common misconception is that a functional outdoor kitchen design must be large, complex, and include every appliance and amenity. In reality, you can create a signature outdoor kitchen for any space, large or small. When done correctly, understated designs can create the most impact and the most bang for your buck.

Trex® Outdoor Kitchens™ stainless steel cabinetry gives you the freedom to build an outdoor kitchen that suits your needs. For smaller outdoor footprints, we offer the capabilities to create a simple outdoor kitchen that is long-lasting and fully functional. Consider the following small outdoor kitchen ideas to make practical use of your outdoor living space.

Simple Outdoor Kitchens

A simple outdoor kitchen is often smaller in size. Minimal design elements, straightforward layouts, and limited appliances define a simple kitchen design. If you are seeking a simple outdoor kitchen, important considerations are layout, color, style, and appliances.


In a small outdoor footprint, consider a straight run or small L shaped layout. These shapes work best for simple designs. A straight run can be as long or as short as needed. L shaped layouts are great for cooking areas, as the shape creates a natural work triangle for food prep and cooking.

We offer hundreds of cabinetry sizes and dozens of styles, making it easy to create a seamless fit in your space. You can include fillers, back and end panels, and more for a fully finished outdoor kitchen in nearly any configuration.


The beauty of a simple kitchen design is that you can choose virtually any color for your cabinetry. With our range of powder coats, you have the option of bright colors, neutrals, and more.

Bold Colors

Bright colors like our orange “Clementine”, yellow “Autumn”, and turquoise “Sea Spray” make a bold statement. Many customers use our bright finishes to add a bright pop of color to a small island or small cabinetry setup.

Warm Neutrals

Apart from bright finishes, we offer plenty of warm neutrals that have been gaining popularity in outdoor decor. Finishes like “Sandstone”, “Ash Grey”, and “Truffle” create a warm and inviting outdoor kitchen area.


For transitional spaces, nature-inspired hues can seamlessly blend the indoors with the outside. Consider our textured deep blue “Chromica Baltic” and deep green “Chromica Feroe” for this purpose.

Black and White

Black and white will never go out of style, remaining staples in both indoor kitchens and outdoors. “Seashell White” will offer a white satin finish to your outdoor kitchen. “Midnight Matte” is a deep matte black that pairs well with any aesthetic.

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