Outdoor Trends in Outdoor Living

A conversation with Eleanor Butchart, Owner of On Fire in Santa Rosa.

What are the latest trends in outdoor Kitchens?

Outdoor kitchens have evolved from the stucco or masonry site-built island with a couple of access doors to European style frameless cabinetry that can accommodate any outdoor appliance.  Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens, made of 100% stainless steel, are fully weather tolerant with optional powder coated finishes in an array of colors.  In addition, the cabinetry is fully functional, offering multiple drawers, trash pulls, sliding shelves and other conveniences.

Trex Outdoor Kitchen

What kind of appliances can I have in my outdoor kitchen?

Based on your cooking preferences, you can choose from grills, smokers, pizza ovens and flat-top griddles. You can also add an icemaker, beer tap, wine cooler, refrigerator, sink and even a dishwasher.  Available space is your only limitation.

I like the look of wood. Can I have wooden cabinets outdoors?

All native wood cabinets require ongoing maintenance. But even with the most conscientious efforts, wood will eventually weather, crack and warp. Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens offer very realistic wood-grain, powder-coat finishes for their cabinetry. Available in a variety of species and grains, these cabinets are maintenance-free and are convincingly beautiful.


Can I purchase the cabinets from you and build the kitchen myself?

Some customers have built their own outdoor kitchens, but when the project is intricate or the location is challenging, it’s best to get a contractor involved. While the cabinets go together rather easily, there are preparations required for bringing gas, water and electricity to a site. Planning for slope and drainage, weather protection, counter tops and masonry elements involves specialized expertise.

I don’t have a big backyard. Where can I put my outdoor kitchen?

The modular nature, weight and variety of cabinet sizes today offer you greater flexibility than ever for creating an outdoor kitchen. You can locate yours on a deck, rooftop, patio, small back yard or otherwise tighter space than you could in years past.


Any other recommendations for creating a nice outdoor environment?

Yes, make sure you have an outdoor dining room!  Furniture that is comfortable and inviting extends the outdoor kitchen to include alfresco dining. Compliment your dining space with near-by deep seating and you’re on your way to the outdoor room of your dreams.

And don’t forget the shade. An umbrella can define a space and add a splash of color to your landscape design.  Frankford Umbrellas offers high quality commercial grade shade solutions with superior warranties and features.

Come by our showroom in Santa Rosa and explore the possibilities for the outdoor kitchen of your dreams!