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Add ambiance to any room with a Kozy Heat direct vent gas fireplace. Add the beautiful look of a fireplace, without the hassle of a wood burning stove. Today, Kozy Heat is one of the leading fireplace manufacturers with a reputation for modern and contemporary designs combined with top energy efficiency for home heating.

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What to consider when choosing a gas fireplace for your home?

1. Kozy Heat Gas Fireplace: Features and performance

Kozy Heat Gas Fireplaces offer a wide range of features and performance for home heating. These fireplaces offer high energy efficiency, traditional or modern and contemporary designs, and top quality construction. They are clean burning and come in a variety of sizes and designs to fit your home’s style. Kozy Heat Gas Fireplaces are designed with detail and inspired by classic design, perfect for any home.  With a variety of BTU heat outputs, a Kozy Heat Gas Fireplace is sure to keep your home warm and cozy.

2. Kozy Heat Gas Fireplace: Great Value

When considering a Kozy Heat gas fireplace, cost and budget are important considerations. There are a variety of options available from Kozy Heat, from small format and lower BTU output to large format fireboxes with impressive BTU heat output.  No matter which model you choose, Kozy Heat offers a high-value, reasonably priced gas fireplace that will make a stunning addition to any room in your home

3. Kozy Heat Gas Fireplace: Fuel type and technology

Kozy Heat Gas Fireplaces use natural gas or propane as their fuel source and employ direct vent technology. This type of technology draws in combustion air from outside the home .  The direct vent also ensures that any dangerous byproducts of combustion are safely vented to the outside. Direct vent technology is now the standard in California.

4. Kozy Heat Gas Fireplace: Safety features

Kozy Heat Gas Fireplaces are designed with a variety of safety features to help ensure your family and home are safe. These features include: an automatic shut-off system, a barrier screen, direct vent technology, and a gas safety pilot. Kozy Heat Gas Fireplaces and components are certified for safety by nationally recognized testing laboratories, such as UL and CSA.  Additionally, all burners are test fired before assembly into each Kozy Heat Gas Fireplace, above and beyond the testing standard of one burner in every 100.

5. Kozy Heat Gas Fireplace: Cleaning and maintenance

For optimal performance and safety, it is recommended that you have your gas fireplace insert serviced once per year by a qualified service technician.  Call On Fire for a list of fireplace service technicians.  Part of the maintenance check-list includes cleaning the inside of the glass window periodically.  A by-product of the combustion process in a gas fireplace is water vapor containing a mineral which can appear as a white film on the ceramic glass.  The film accumulates each time the burner is ignited from a cold start, resulting in condensation on the inside of the window.  Over time, this dries as a white film that clouds the glass and can eventually etch the ceramic glass if not cleaned periodically.  Refer to the service and maintenance section of the owner’s manual for instructions on how to clean the glass.  You may need to do this in between annual service appointments.  Mineral deposits occur naturally and are not covered under warranty.

If dark deposits appear on the inside of the glass, it usually means something has shifted out of position (such as a log), causing flame impingement and sooting.  Log position is important because it can optimize the beauty of the flame and the combustion efficiency of the fireplace.  Refer to your fireplace installation manual for specific instructions on log position.  If you are not comfortable performing this maintenance, contact a qualified service technician for an appointment.

  1. Kozy Heat Gas Fireplace: Warranty

Kozy Heat offers a limited lifetime warranty for all of their gas fireplaces. The warranty covers any defects in material and workmanship during the lifetime of the product, with the exception of any damages caused by abuse or improper installation. The warranty also covers any repairs needed as a result of a malfunctioning part. To ensure that this warranty remains valid, customers must keep the original proof of purchase and register the product with Kozy Heat.

On Fire places high value in the good relationship we’ve established with Kozy Heat customer service and technical staff, dating back many years.  This in turn enables us to provide technical  support for products both in and out of warranty.

Is Kozy Heat a good brand?


Kozy Heat gas fireplaces are a high-quality, energy-efficient and modern home heating solution that have been manufactured in Minnesota since 1976.  Family owned and operated for over 46 years (now with three generations), their reputation for producing high energy-efficient gas fireplaces with top quality materials, design, and components is a standout in the industry.  Kozy Heat gas fireplaces are a good choice for supplemental home heating in Sonoma County.