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Treasure Garden Shade Solutions

Is your luxury patio in need of a new shade feature? Perhaps it just needs some freshening up. With all the Treasure Garden umbrella options, it is easy to find a beautiful shade feature that fits perfectly with the style, colors and existing décor in your outdoor living space.

Treasure Garden has earned an excellent reputation doing one thing and only one thing, extremely well. And that is crafting beautifully designed umbrellas that are made to withstand our Wine Country weather, from foggy drizzle to intense heat.

Sure, you can get an umbrella for your backyard anywhere. But what Treasure Garden provides that others don’t are handcrafted, custom-made shade solutions. They utilize the latest technological advances to produce durable, finely detailed umbrella frames topped with a wide array of vibrant colors and trendy fabric canopies.


Choose Your Shape

Choose between three different shapes: octagon, square or rectangular. Which one will work best for your space? Base your decision on the area that needs to be shaded. How big is it and where will the umbrella be placed?

Treasure Garden offers market umbrellas (center pole) with wood or aluminum frames (choose black, bronze, white or silver colors). They come with push button tilt, collar tilt, and crank lift/auto tilt as options. These umbrellas are available in an octagonal, rectangular or Shanghai (round) shape and several different sizes which makes them the ideal solution for providing shade in small, large or oddly configured spaces.

Cantilever umbrellas (side pole) offer the most shade versatility with 360 degrees of rotation for the most complete coverage.  The large format of cantilever styles in octagonal, square and rectangular canopies gives you several options to shade your luxury outdoor space.

Where will your shade feature be placed?

Where will your shade feature be placed? Does it need to be secured in the ground (concrete, wood deck or in-ground) or will it be mobile (with casters)? Or will a stationary umbrella base be suitable? This will determine the type of base you need. Bases for the umbrellas are available in square or round shapes and in various colors and finishes, so that is another consideration for the overall look of your custom shade feature.  Above-ground bases for cantilever umbrellas can be quite large in order to provide sufficient weight for stability of these large-format shade options.

Choose your fabric canopy

Treasure Garden offers different grades of fabrics, the best being Sunbrella and Obravia.  Both are trade names for 100% solution-dyed acrylic or polyester.

Sunbrella performance fabrics are made of 100% solution-dyed acrylic. The fibers are saturated with color and UV-stabilized pigments before they’re spun into yarn–meaning the pigment goes all the way through the fibers and the color stays true over time. This unique process makes Sunbrella performance fabrics inherently fade resistant, UV protective and durable to the core; maintaining color and quality through cleaning, wear or exposure to outdoor elements.  In addition, the  fibers are mold and mildew resistant, stain and water resistant, and designed to stand all the tests of time. The residential fade warranty for Sunbrella for Treasure Garden umbrella canopies is 5 years.  Incidentally, Sunbrella is recyclable.

Obravia fabrics are 100% solution-dyed polyester, offering excellent colorfastness.  Manufactured in much the same way as Sunbrella, Obravia is an excellent choice for value, strength and durability.  Obravia stain-resistant fabrics are easy to clean.  These earth-friendly fabrics can be recycled and have a residential fade warranty of 4 years.

Do Treasure Garden Umbrellas offer UV protection from the sun?

Both fabrics offer UV protection and UV protection. Sunbrella boasts of a Skin Cancer Foundation Seal since the product helps protect against the harmful UV rays associated with increased skin damage and cancer risks.

Likewise, O’bravia comes with 50+ UV protection, and it will equally protect you from harmful ultraviolet rays.

Treasure Garden is an Excellent Choice for Your Luxury Outdoor Living Space

Don’t just take our word for it; we invite you to come in and visit our showroom so together we can explore the possibilities. Let’s make this the year your luxury outdoor living space is perfectly shaded for ultimate enjoyment.