The Perfect Steak

There is much debate over what constitutes the “perfect steak” and which techniques and tools to trust. Some prefer to sear on a stove-top, but we at Broil King are partial to the grill. We design all of our barbecues with one primary goal – to sear the perfect steak. That means they need to get hot for a quick and intense sear. But even among our different grills, there are several ways to get the “perfect steak.”

There are many decisions you must make regarding the cut, method, and doneness. This blog will address your options when choosing a steak, the different ways you can cook a steak on your Broil King gas, charcoal and pellet grill, and the outcomes you should aim for when it comes to doneness. And for even more great tips, check out our interview with Brett Gallaway from The Steak Cookoff Association.

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