Make Summer Special With Broil King Grills and Smokers

Summer is here and nothing beats a great Broil King Grill and family time. As a dad that loves to cook, breaking out the grill for a family dinner can be a special memory to share all summer. The atmosphere just transforms when everyone is gathered around outside and dad is standing over the open flame, sometimes with a beer in hand.

If you want to encourage dad’s grilling passion, a new grill or smoker might just be in order. Grilling and summer go hand in hand, but only if you have the right tools by your side. If you’re looking for a way to make this summer special, On Fire Santa Rosa brings you the Broil King outdoor grills and smokers collection. There’s no going wrong with one of these in your home! Keep reading to find out which Broil King grill or Smoker would be perfect to set the tone for a great summer of entertaining.

What makes Broil King Grills the Best?

If there’s anything Broil King does better than making incredible grills and smokers, it has to be the amount of attention paid to detail. Broil King outdoor grills are entirely made in North America and work using an exclusive and impressive burner system. This patented burner system is designed to eliminate that all-too-familiar disappointment with uneven grill cooking. Unlike most other pellet grills, Broil King’s Pellet Grills can achieve temperatures up to 600 degrees—high enough to sear a steak!

Many grills on the market today may work alright, but you may have to deal with those frustrating hot and cold spots. Broil King’s burner system ensures that you can sear steaks to perfection and roast poultry like never before. You can even bake fun desserts to finish off your main course!

Every aspect of Broil King is engineered to distribute the heat evenly across the entire grill, ensuring that your results are nothing short of flawless. Broil King packages all this functionality and excellent grilling delivery in one of the most stylish and sleek designs. Their line of grills and smokers has beautiful and brilliantly sculpted frames that easily complement and blend in with any outdoor environment. We value your taste buds and culinary satisfaction. To get your hands on Broil King’s high-performance grills and smokers, you can walk into our physical showroom and purchase!

Broil King Gas Grills

Whether you choose to go with a gas grill or a pellet grill, you’re guaranteed maximum efficiency with a variety of options. These gas grills heat ‌up fast and are insulated to make sure your steaks, poultry, and desserts retain every drop of flavor. The gas grill line is impressive, to say the least. At On Fire Santa Rosa, we have precisely what you need – a wide selection of Broil King gas grills to choose from and make your father’s day plans a reality. Explore the Regal series, the Signet, Monarch, Crown, and Gem series, for excellent gas grills for father’s day.

Broil King Pellet Grills

The pellet line of grills is easier to use, plus they work great at lower temperatures. Think of pellet grills as a “set and forget” system, almost like an outdoor oven. Using a pellet grill is as easy as turning the dial to smoke, roast, or sear to your heart’s content. The pellet grills come with preset temperatures that remove the more technical parts of cooking.

Technology is revolutionizing everything, so why not grills too? You can maintain specific temperatures using the digital control display. The pellet grill line includes the all-time dad-favorite, the Regal Pellet 400 Smoker and Grill. The pellet grills also allow you to taper the temperature up or down slowly to ensure that you do your cooking just right.

Broil King Smokers

Broil King proves that their grills and smokers are designed to unite people with great food made easy. You can trust their charcoal grills and smokers for versatility and sturdy durable frames with sleek elegant accents. The Regal Charcoal Offset 500 Smoker is an excellent smoker to cater to a larger gathering – it has a large cooking space, heavy-duty cast iron grid, and multipurpose trays with fully adjustable dampers.

Grilling Tips

  • Don’t forget to preheat
  • Keep your grill hot
  • Clean first – a good meal begins with a clean slate
  • Oil your grill grates to keep things nice and non-stick – you can do this with oil or by halving a potato and rubbing the halves on the hot grates
  • Choose gas grills for optimal char. Broil King’s line of gas grills provides you with a wide selection. Choose the right meats – stick to the protein-packed meats that have little marbling, yield to the touch, and don’t spring back too much.
  • Keep the lid closed when it needs to be closed. Let your food cook and don’t move it around too much.
  • If you can, choose grass-fed meat and explore less popular cuts
  • Prioritize your safety – read manuals for proper grill and utensil use
  • Let your meat rest before and after you start grilling, especially with larger, chunkier cuts
  • Invest your time into good dry rub, sauces, and marinades
  • Add BBQ sauce to the meat when you’re done grilling

What Can You Grill For 4th of July?


Grilled Hot Ham and Cheese Sliders


Sometimes, your appetizers and finger foods deserve some more attention. Play up the setting and set the tone just right with some exciting appetizers. Hot and ham and cheese sliders are a great way to introduce some flavor into the day.

Grilled ham and cheese sliders come packed with flavor – the hot honey butter and distant notes of char from the grill make an unforgettable heady mix. Don’t forget to use good quality foil to prevent any mess and make cleaning up easier. The Broil King grills are sleek and easy to maneuver, so the clean-up process isn’t too much of a hassle. These sliders will certainly be a hit at your party!

Find a full easy ham and cheese sliders recipe‌ version to help you nail your attempt with appetizers.

Classic Smoky Grilled Deviled Eggs


It’s hard to go wrong with classic deviled eggs. Broiler King’s gas grills would be an excellent fit for this recipe as it requires medium-high heat and doesn’t take too much time. Deviled eggs are delicious and packed with smoky flavor – notes that your guests will absolutely cherish. Find a full version at food network. In as little as 25 minutes, you can have yourself a happy little appetizer.

Sweet and Spicy BBQ Wings


There’s something about passing around the finger foods while the entrée is cooking. You and your family or friends can enjoy the weather, chat, and even play games as you enjoy some Sweet and Spicy BBQ wings. There are tons of recipes on the internet, but a priceless tip to the crispiest and juiciest buffalo wings is adding baking soda and salt. Coat the wings in salt and baking soda, skip the oil and fryer and use a Broil King gas grill at high temp for the best results.

Corn on the Cob With Old Bay and Lemon


The key to making Smoked Corn On The Cob is using the right tools. The Broil King Grill Pro Smoker is a great tool to have on hand. Nothing promises a fun, father’s day with good food like well-done corn on the cob to get things going.

Main Dishes

Choosing the main dishes for a grill day can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. There are plenty of options to choose from. For your entrees, you can stick to the simple but delicious stuff – steak, grilled chicken wings, grilled burgers, and giant fair-style turkey legs. Don’t forget to have a good, steady supply of beverages that everyone will enjoy.

Sides and Desserts

Your Broil King grills can help you make some of the best baked desserts you’ve ever made. Explore the pellet grill line to find the perfect grill for you. The “set and go” dial feature on the pellet grills will help you keep the temperature settings just right for the perfect desserts. Try your hand at fruit skewers, a grilled peach pie, s’mores, or banana butter pecan kabobs. End the day on a sweet note and with a happy stomach.

At the end of the day, what you get with Broil King is great food, great flavor, and an excellent grill-themed father’s day. Go ahead and put a smile on everyone’s face come June 19th. Walk into our physical showroom and have your pick of the very best Broil King has to offer you.