Frankford Umbellas

Frankford Outdoor Patio Umbrellas: Beautiful and Durable Outdoor Comfort

Frankford has been in the shade business for more than 120 years, providing superior quality umbrellas to the contract and retail industries.  Known primarily for providing hotels, resorts, and restaurant chains with durable and long-lasting umbrellas, Frankford Umbrellas have become a staple in thousands of commercial settings throughout Canada, the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean.  More recently Frankford has expanded their market to include residential settings for those consumers desiring high-quality shade products.

The beauty, design, and superior elements of Frankford Umbrellas allow you to bring home the enhanced resort and dining experience of exceptional shade to your favorite outdoor living space.  Precisely crafted with maintenance-free resin and stainless-steel parts, durable aluminum masts and center poles, and 9 oz. marine-grade canopy fabrics, Frankford Umbrellas are built to withstand the harshest conditions for years of enjoyment. This brand is the ideal choice for state-of-the-art, reliable shade at an affordable price.


Frankford Umbrellas offers superior service and products with high-quality functional and resilient umbrella products made from industrial strength materials such as heavy marine grade fabrics, fiberglass, aluminum, and stainless steel. The products are weather resistant and backed with substantial fade and frame warranties. Frankford Umbrellas also provides umbrella accessories, including mounts, bases, carry bags, and covers. The Frankford Umbrellas aesthetic provides stylish shade with bold color and uncomplicated design and are available in a broad selection of customizable materials ranging from powder coated aluminum poles (including wood grain) to a colorful spectrum of monochrome and patterned canopies.


What types of umbrellas does Frankford offer?

Monterey Fiberglass Market Collection.  This popular market-style umbrella is manufactured using the most resilient materials available.  The half-inch thick fiberglass ribs allow the canopy frame to bend and flex easily in windy conditions, and is engineered to withstand 40 mph sustained winds.  The durable aluminum center pole with 1/8” thick walls provide incredible strength and durability.  Stainless steel grommets attach the marine grade 9 oz. canopy to the frame.

Available in six canopy sizes and eight beautiful frame finishes (including wood grain), you can also choose from a heavy gauge pulley-lift system, sturdy crank no-tilt, or industry-best crank lift/auto tilt—the ONLY crank auto-tilt in the industry designed and warranted for commercial use and offering 60 degrees of effortless tilt.

Greenwich Designer Aluminum Market Umbrella combines luxury with style to create a sophisiticated look.  The Greenwich aluminum market umbrella is elegant, refined and sure to satisfy your need for shade in any upscale commercial or residential setting. Available in 5 sizes, there are options for any space and shade need. The easy glide pulley system allows for easy opening and closing. Its sturdy aluminum frame, polished silver finish, and solid marine chrome plated aluminum finial add the perfect touch to give your cherished outdoor space the enhanced appearance found at luxury resorts, hotels, and restaurants. Canopy options include a 7.5’, 9’, or 11’ Octagon and a 6.5’ or 7.5’ Square.

Frankford Cantilever (side mast) umbrellas are an impressive shade solution without the obstruction of a center pole.

The Eclipse combines style with size, strength and durability to provide a lasting shade solution.  Engineered for easy opening and closing, its 360 degree rotation and Infinity Tilt provide complete shade flexibility. Heavy guage extruded aluminum and stainless-steel parts on a marine grade corrosion resistant aluminum frame ensure the Eclipse is ideal for both commercial and residential environments. Engineered to withstand 35 mph sustained winds, the addition of wind stabilizer bars increases the tolerance by 5 mph. Canopy size options are a 13’ Octagon, 10’ x 10’ Square, or a 10’ x 13’ Rectangle.

The Aurora premium Aluminum Cantilever Umbrella is manufactured using the same durable materials and 9 oz. fabric available to provide years of trouble-free use and enjoyment.  Engineered for easy opening and closing, its 360 degree rotation and Infinity Tilt allow you to change positions effortlessly. This cantilever is suitable for use in low to moderate wind conditions and ensures hours of protection from the sun and light rain. Engineered to withstand 25 mph sustained winds, the addition of wind stabilizer bars increases wind tolerance to 30 mph. Canopy size options are an 11’ Octogon or 9’ x 9’ Square.

The Aurora Fiberglass Cantilever Umbrella combines the best features of a heavy-guage marine-grade aluminum mast with the flexibility of half-inch thick fiberglass ribs, allowing the canopy frame to flex and bend in windy conditions.  Engineered to withstand 30 mph sustained winds, the Aurora-F is available with a 13’ Octagon canopy or a 10’ x 10’ Square canopy.

Greenwich Giant Market The G-Series Greenwich is polished, refined and has redefined the aluminum market umbrella. This stylish, well-designed frame is manufactured using a single 2” diameter aluminum center post with a 3 mm wall thickness, increasing lateral strength for locations susceptible to more than gentle winds—engineered to withstand 35 mph sustained winds. Employing a double pulley lift, canopy options include a 13’ Octagon, 10’ x 10’ Square and an 8.5’ x 11’ Rectangle.  Its polished silver anodized finish and solid marine chrome plated aluminum finial offer the perfect finishing touch to any upscale environment

The Nova is a Giant Telescoping Umbrella offering maximum shade and weather protection for commercial environments. Reinforced extruded aluminum ribs connect to an impressive 4-inch mast supporting a 9 oz. marine grade acrylic canopy. The Nova is exceptionally engineered to withstand harsh conditions (up to 50 mph sustained winds) while being virtually maintenance free. A commercial grade telescopic crank allows you to completely close the umbrella without the burden of moving furniture underneath. Umbrellas comparable to the Nova in size and weight almost always require a permanent installation. The Nova is one of the only large shade structures in the industry with a semi-permanent and non-permanent mount available. Canopy options are a 16’ Octagon or 13’ x 13’ Square

What types of bases are available for Frankford Umbrellas? Can I use an umbrella base I already own?

Remember, your shade is only as good as its foundation! If an umbrella base you already own meets the recommended criteria, you may be able to use it. Properly securing your umbrella is crucial to ensuring years of sun protection and longevity.  For market umbrellas used in a table a minimum 50 lb. base is recommended.  For freestanding market umbrellas, a base with a high shank and a minimum of 75-80 lbs. is highly recommended.  For cantilever umbrellas, the larger Giant umbrellas and Nova telescoping umbrellas a variety of bases and direct or in-ground mounts are available.  Failure to properly secure umbrellas with the base options recommended will void the Frankford Umbrellas warranty.

Are Frankford Outdoor Patio umbrellas weather resistant?

Yes, Frankford Outdoor Patio umbrellas are weather resistant. They are made with marine-grade 9 oz. fabric that is resistant to mold and mildew, and won’t sag or stretch over time. The superior quality of the Recacril™ and Recystem™ canvases have a tighter weave, superior stability, unsurpassed fade resistance, and long-lasting water and stain resistance.

How durable are Frankford Outdoor Patio umbrellas?

Frankford Outdoor Patio umbrellas are renowned for their durability and long-lasting design. Constructed from top-grade materials and with precise engineering, these umbrellas are designed to withstand the harshest conditions.  Frankford Umbrellas have met and exceeded the high standards required for use in commercial settings.

What types of fabrics are used in Frankford Outdoor Patio umbrellas?

Frankford uses 9 oz. solution dyed marine grade umbrella fabric manufactured with only the highest quality raw materials and the most rigorous quality-assurance procedures. This beautiful fabric has an outer surface finish enhanced by an Infinity Process – a treatment that ensures the lasting quality of the fabric and superior waterproofing. It is easy to clean, resistant to mold and mildew, won’t sag or stretch over time (like lighter weight fabric will), and has an exceptional (and unmatched) guarantee against fading.

Grade A Fabrics are stocked at the factory in 30 vivid colors for quick shipment from New Jersey in 7-10 days. Additionally, Sunbrella and Outdura (which are other trade names for 100% solution dyed acrylic) fabrics are available with extended lead times.  Customization is also available with extended lead times.  Some examples include alternating fabric panel colors, custom wind vent color, custom binding or trim color, and silk screen logos.

Does Frankford Outdoor Patio offer a warranty on their umbrellas?

Frankford has one of the best warranties in the industry for both residential and commercial use.

The Residential Warranty covers marine-grade fabrics for rot, mildew and fading for 10 years.  Frame structure and tilt mechanisms are covered for 5 years. Powder coating on umbrella frames is covered for 3 years.  Exclusions apply.

The Commercial Warranty covers marine-grade fabrics for 7 years.  Frame structure, tilt mechanisms and powder coating are covered for 3 years. Exclusions apply.

There is no warranty offered by Frankford or any other manufacturer for wind damage.  Wind ratings do NOT form part of nor fall under any Frankford Umbrellas’ warranties. Wind ratings are intended as a relative strength of each umbrella style.  During windy conditions, umbrellas should be restored to their full upright position with no degree of tilt.  Wind can be extremely variable.  In any high wind or sudden extreme weather conditions, all umbrellas should be closed and secured immediately regardless of size, weight or base weight and never be left unattended in the open position.  This will reduce risk of damage to your umbrella, furniture and property.

In the event of damage to your Frankford Umbrella, parts and replacement canopies are available.

What are the benefits of using a Frankford Outdoor Patio umbrella?

Frankford Outdoor Umbrellas have numerous benefits for homeowners and businesses in need of shade for outdoor living spaces. These umbrellas provide excellent shade for family gatherings and long summer days, and their commercial-grade construction makes them durable and stylish. Frankford Umbrellas are easy to clean and maintain, and the modern, sleek design complements existing outdoor furniture with a wide selection of colors and designs. Furthermore, they are specifically designed for commercial outdoor use, making them as rugged as they are aesthetically pleasing. With a Frankford Outdoor Umbrella, you can create a personal backyard oasis with exceptional shade.