Northern California Outdoor Kitchen Possibilities

There is no greater happiness than enjoying nature, your favorite drinks, and the company of your loved ones in the comfort of your home. With the majestic redwoods, the lush greenery, and scenic rolling hills, there’s no shortage of natural beauty in Northern California. If you’re lucky enough to live here, your outdoor space provides the perfect platform for an outdoor kitchen and dining area. With the products available from On Fire Santa Rosa, you can turn your space into the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.  

Excellent Additional Return of Investment Value To Your Home 

If you have been thinking about adding an outdoor functional space to your home, you are not alone. According to a national survey by the National Association of Home Builders, more than 75% of homeowners express the same desire to add an outdoor kitchen to their homes. Not only do they offer a great way to entertain guests, but they also add value to your home. According to Quicken Loans, the investment can increase your ROI between 50% to 200% depending on your home location and the upgrade quality. 

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas to Consider 

Before you start planning your dream outdoor kitchen, take a moment to consider your needs. Do you want a space that functions as a serve and prep area for your wine, charcuterie board, and hors d’oeuvres? Elegant chat and mingle events peppered with light appetizers and drinks? Or are you looking into a full-service kitchen complete with appliances such as an outdoor grill and pizza oven? Imagine full-course gourmet outdoor dining events with an intense focus on the delicate tastes of food and finest wines. How about a family-friendly outdoor kitchen for cooking meals and hosting backyard barbecues? Get creative and have fun with it. 

Choosing a Style That Fits Seamlessly With Your Home 

An outdoor kitchen becomes an extension of your home. Just as you take pride in the interior of your home, you’ll want your outdoor kitchen to reflect your unique style. If your home has a contemporary feel, consider an outdoor kitchen that features clean lines and sleek finishes. For a more traditional space, look for an outdoor kitchen with classic cabinetry styles and finishes. If you’re looking for a rustic outdoor kitchen, consider using natural materials such as stone or wood. 

Welcome To The New Era of Steel Outdoor Furniture 

Many of the materials we use in our homes like wood, marble, and granite aren’t suited for the constant rainfall and temperature changes of Northern California. The fact is that all of these materials will weather quickly over time. Instead, consider powder-coated steel and stainless steel. They are not only resistant to heat and moisture, but also easy to clean and maintain. 

Stainless Steel and Powder Coated Steel Finishes 

On Fire Santa Rosa incorporates the durability and elegance of stainless steel and powdered steel finishes to provide weather resistance without sacrificing style. Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion and daily wear and tear from usage. It also requires little to no maintenance to keep its beautiful appearance.  

Similarly, powder-coated steel goes through a coating process where various resin and powdered pigment particles are electrostatically applied to the steel surface. Afterward, the steel is cured in a high-temperature oven. The result of this allows you to have a classy faux wood finish on your outdoor kitchen cabinets and doors with none of the weather and maintenance problems. 

Splurge-Worthy Essentials 

While you may be tempted to skimp on appliances and features for your kitchen, certain items are worth the splurge. 

Running Water and Gas 

Running water sinks and gas lines mark the separation between a good temporary kitchen and a great, fully functional outdoor kitchen. Although running a water hose and using propane gas tanks suffice the same purpose, they are unsightly, impractical, and even dangerous in the long run. If you’re serious about using your outdoor kitchen for more than just the occasional backyard barbecue, running water and gas lines should be at the top of your list. It is also one of the most crucial upgrades that increase the ROI value of your home. 

State-Of-The-Art Grill and Cooking Top 

A high-quality grill and cooking top are worthy investments for any outdoor kitchen. If you enjoy cooking and eating, gas and fire are the crucial ingredients that bring your cooking to a professional level. Alfresco Outdoor Kitchens offers top-of-the-line grills with impressive designs that will make your outdoor kitchen the envy of your neighborhood. If you want to turn your home into a Tuscan outdoor dining retreat, consider adding second cooking tops such as a pizza oven, griddle, or side burner to the setup. As much as it is a joy to enjoy freshly made pizzas under the stars, it is an equally lovely morning waking up to the smell of bacon, hash browns, eggs, and ham. 

Outdoor Refrigeration 

One of the most important appliances in your outdoor kitchen is a refrigerator. It will keep your food and drinks cold and allow you to keep your event planning organized. Unlike indoor refrigerators, outdoor refrigerators are built to withstand extreme heat and moisture. As a result, you cannot simply purchase an indoor fridge for outdoor use. Alfresco, Perlick, and Lynx offer excellent outdoor refrigerators that come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit your needs. 


Cleaning up an outdoor party can be exhausting if you constantly need to bring glasses and dishes back inside for cleaning. For one thing, it adds more agony to an already tedious task. Second, all that transferring will end up in dropping dishes and glassware. If you love your tableware, get an outdoor dishwasher. 

Importance of Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets 

To complete your kitchen, you’ll need ample storage space for all of your tableware and cooking utensils. Cabinetry is the best way to achieve this goal. It provides a place to store your belongings and keeps them within easy reach. Instead of transferring your indoor glassware and dishes outside, having a complete outdoor set can make your hosting duties much easier. 

On Fire Santa Rosa As Your One-Stop Outdoor Kitchen Solution 

Whether you are looking for an outdoor kitchen to complement your home or business, On Fire Santa Rosa has the experience and expertise to make your vision a reality. We offer a wide range of services, from design and installation to maintenance and repair of gas kitchen appliances, fireplaces, and other outdoor products. 

Come See the One Fire Showroom for Outdoor Kitchen Ideas 

Instead of just daydreaming about your outdoor dining and entertaining space, visit our showroom and see the appliances, materials, and finishes in person. We currently carry the Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens, Danver Outdoor Kitchens, and Alfresco Outdoor Kitchens collections at our location. 

With a variety of styles and brands to choose from, we’ll help you find the perfect setup for your needs and budget. Our team of experts can answer all your questions and guide you through choosing the right appliances, materials, and finishes for your project. 

Whether you’re looking to entertain guests with a tasting of Northern California’s best wine or just want to relax on a warm summer evening, On Fire Santa Rosa has the solutions to make your dream outdoor kitchen a reality.  

Stop by our store today or call us at (707) 526-3322 for a free consultation. You can also visit our website to schedule an appointment. We look forward to helping you create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams!